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I’m like Jonah, only by walking the other way-

Not following the Lord’s direction day by day!

I thought I knew what was best for my mate you see-

But I truly have failed him, now distant from HE.

HE knew best the way HE had wanted me to try-

But I did not want to do HIS plan – I can’t – said I.

It is too hard, too difficult for me to do-

So I’ll do it my way, trying something new.

But my ways have caught up with me so very fast-

I am sorry that my ways  not long did they last!

No strength have I gained no compassion or caring-

What has HE planned for this life HE is sparing?

HE chose me to be pathfinder & caregiver to my mate-

But I have resented following, I hope I’m not too late.

Not too late to be more patient & understanding too-

Of my mates feelings & all he is going through.

Teach me now Lord – I’m giving myself to you-

We can’t withstand much more of what we are going through.

I need to accept the way my mate is now-

And daily ask the Lord all the what & how.

Ask HIM to lead me in all I do & say-

For the benefit of both os us – please Spirit help me pray.