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It starts in the AM between two & four-

When I guide my mate to the restroom door.

He goes back to bed & goes to sleep-

I, on the other hand, wake do I keep!

Then about every hour he starts to converse-

Asking, “Where am I” or something perverse?

He talks in his sleep,yes, he says weird things-

It’s funny the odd quirks that alzheimers brings!

Fourth night in a row, he talks all night long-

He doesn’t know we need sleep to be strong!

He does not say a word all through the day-

But come nighttime he wants to play!

He tosses & turns & bounces the bed-

I feel like I’m on a trampoline – no place for my head!

This goes on until about six thirty or seven-

The mattress ads say “sleep on heaven?”

Not at our house, no, no, no way-

I’d rather sleep on the floor & there I’d stay!

We get up & breakfast I fix-

I then try to nap but this he does nix!

Asking, “where are you?” every twenty minutes or so-

No rest for me I’m feeling mighty low.

I go through the day, not up to par-

With sleepless nights, I don’t get very far!