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If you look at his eyes they tend to stare-

Sometimes you wonder if he is all there?

He doesn’t seem to focus – his eyes are glazed-

If you flash something in front of him he is not phased.

It’s a matter of contrasts to help him to see-

A white dish on a black mat makes it easier for he!

A clear class of water – no that will not do-

He will not see it – try something new!!

With limited sight, directions are misunderstood-

Moving a chair to the table – he would comply if he could!

Getting in the car is a challenge indeed-

He will get in the wrong car/or seat – with lil’ speed!

Alzheimers is a thief to it’s victims of sight-

But he continues to put up a great fight!

This disease is also a robber of perception-

Spoiling the route of hand/eye connection.