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You don’t want to enter our condo at night-

If you do you will give yourself a  fright!!

Upon entry you will find yourself in a maze-

A maze in order to keep order these daze!

So he can’t access the living room – 2 chairs in the hall-

So be careful you don’t trip & take a big fall!

The reason – so he can’t mistake that room for another-

Yes, now I’m being paranoid just like a Mother!

Four chairs block the dining room so he can’t get near the sink-

So he doesn’t deposit anything there that would make a big stink!

Then there are the two chairs alongside of his bed-

The movement of them, awakens me so he can be lead.

The only light on is the one in the restroom-

Guiding his footsteps so failing eyes don’t wrongly assume!

It is a nightly routine – eight chairs in all-

Beware as you enter, at your own risk, & please don’t fall!