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Birds that are angry – people birds that is-

We are not behaving as if we are one of HIS!

The Lord does not want us to vent with a frown-

There’re other ways to handle anger without acting like a clown!

Anger takes away love & acts without reason-

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – for anger there is no season!

It eats away at our heart & leads to negative feeling-

No way to live & certainly not to healing.

It takes away part of our memory too-

Not wanting to remember awful things we did do!

Remember our Lord & instructions He gave-

And don’t give in to loss of control in a rave.

Take a deep breath, count to ten- see if that will work-

For we know that anger only continues to lurk!

The negative feelings it produces will continue to be-

Continue only to lead to a life without glee.

Without any smiles, compassion or fun-

A life void of happiness that makes us want to run.

Instead – change that attitude to a positive view-

Not a Pollyanna (ask your Mom!)  – just picking up on anothers cue.

Thinking of others & not just ourselve-

That’s HIS way of showing us when we should delve.

Feeding on seeds (yeah birdseed) of HIS wisdom we’ll win-

Win our lives back without any sin.