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No, I’m not at all like Moses – he was the faithful male-

I would just like to follow him so I won’t fail!

He was acting as judge & jury for his fellow man-

He truly thought he could do all this – saying I can, I can!

It was overwhelming, all the people who came to him-

He was not doing them justice – often ruling on a whim!

Then, Jethro, his father-in-law, advised him to ask for help from above-

So Moses prayed & prayed that he would show justice & love.

And what do you suppose that advice was coming from on high?

Listen & follow your Lord, for you He will  not deny.

No need to exhaust yourself & be heading for a fall-

If you ask another to help – there will be justice for all!

So I will take the road that Moses so graciously took-

And I will pray & ask our Lord for me to look-

To look for the help that my mate & I need-

Only He can find the right person with all His speed!!

I can no longer do my mate justice – it is too much you see-

I need help from our Lord – as only He can provide for me.

(Exodus 18)