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I want to fly through the air to the arms of my Lord-

Through the rain & clouds of this world I will have soared!

Yearning to be near Him & to be free-

Free from troubles & free to be me!

He has put up with me & still accepts me as I am-

He has blessed us with an awesome fam!

Family that loves & supports all we say & do-

Even when they are far away we feel their love thru & thru!

Our Lord has guided, encouraged & accepts each of us-

And He disciplines us without any fuss!

Always teaching us to be better than we are-

Pushing us closer to Him – he is the ultimate star!

I feel His love as I go about each day-

But I yearn to be with Him – with Him to stay!

However this decision is not up to me-

He is not finished with me – I’ve not become what He wants me to be!

Sooo I will continue to try to do my best-

Striving to earn my long awaited rest!