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The taxi driver helped with Gary & started our day-

He flagged down a skycap who got us a cart without pay!

The skycap took the luggage & walked us to TSA-

The TSA regulator allowed our 3 carryons, & let Gary go on his way!

On the walk to the gate a cart driver offered us a ride-

Arriving at our gate he ordered a wheelchair, noting Gary’s stride.

No seats for us at the gate but 2 people got up & offered their places-

Upon entering the plane 2 folks helped with overhead bags with happy faces!

When the plane landed the flight attendant got our bags & helped with my mate-

The runner with the wheelchair retrieved our bags so we weren’t late.

He even wheeled Gary out to the parking lot to the waiting car-

So that our driver did not have to go very far!

The driver helped us into the condo with our bags-

Arriving in our condo, about our daughter we have to brag!

She had stocked our frig, arranged a wreath on our door & pots she did plant-

Her high praises we do sincerely chant!

Yes, our Lord arranged it all like a symphony He did play-

Orchestrated like an awesome conductor He arranged our entire day!!!!!