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I am him and he is me-

After 55 years – we are a “we”-

The last 4 years we have been stuck like glue –

According to him –  I don’t have a clue!

He is in his own world – so  very small-

But his outlook is to think very tall!

Tall as he used to be in thinking that is-

He had a creative mind that was uniquely his!

He was a great salesman & PR guy with a crew-

He never met a stranger & he is that way now too!

As for me – I was the quiet one – shy that is-

As for him- he made friends like a whiz!

Now after many moons we have grown into one-

Now our roles are reversed – I’m responsible for the fun!

I’m the noisy one these days – He is the quiet one you see-

What a switch of roles -when I become him & he becomes me!