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I’m in a dark place, I can’t do much more-

I just want to walk out & slam the door!

I am so stressed I can hardly breathe-

Handling all this just makes me seethe!!

Scrubbing & cleaning, waking 2-5 times a night-

Being startled to awaken, gives me a fright!

Sometimes it involves a change of his clothes-

From his head, way down to his very toes!

In the morning he asks “Where’s Jan? Who’s there?”

He says call Jan – she’ll be here.

I try to catch up & rest during the day-

But he asks every 10-15 minutes – “are you there today?”

No rest for the wicked – I’ve heard tell-

Yes, sometimes I think I am living in a well?

At this time, I am by myself, I do not roam-

Because he doesn’t like anyone in our home!

I don’t know how much longer my body will hold out-

It is to the Lord I give a BIG shout!!!!!!!!