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We now have help two days a week-

Oh, how desperately, his aide did I seek!

A man so gentle & very patient too-

He helps in bathing & dressing – often hard to do!

It was hard for me to finally ask for assistance-

Seeing how our grandkids helped us – I needed persistence!

Persistence is finding a diamond in the rough-

For this new caregiver is kind but tough!

Now what is it we need to carry us through?

Something entertaining & helpful for Gary to do-

He needs to find something to occupy his day-

Something to help him along this challenging way.

This something is what I am looking for now-

Maybe a place that could show him how?

How to be active & how to actually live-

Rather than sit in his chair & not give.

I am the problem now after 12 years-

Now my identity is his through many tears-

The something I am searching for – yes I will find-

Our Lord is the only “Someone” who knows Garys mind-

And that “Someone” will continue to carry us through-

Our Lord is the one who fulfills the Help/Need in me & you!