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My name is Jan, I’m here, I’m OK-

I say this because he cannot see the light of day!

My mates sight is leaving bit by bit-

His perception is just giving him a fit!

He tries to be brave & pretend he can see-

But stumbling steps are a nuisance for he!

He wants to make sure I am by his side-

He calls out my name & I do abide.

I state my name & let him know I’m near-

So he can rest assure he has not a fear!

He wants to know if I’m OK-

So by my side he will closely stay.

Within 10 to 20 feet I am close by-

For the last 4 years, yes, sometimes I cry.

Cry for the return of his former self-

When he had the freedom to rely on himself.

NO, it is not easy this growing old-

Especially when your mind, but not your heart, has been stole!

Stolen by a disease – alzheimers – it is sad indeed-

Please, Lord, guide us through this with all of your speed!!!