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It was time for him, that I did get help-

But truly it was for me that I did yelp!

For 3 days & 3 nights no peace did we find-

A constant “where are you” was on his anxious mind.

All day & all night I did not sleep a wink-

He would go back to sleep without even a blink!

Then came the 3rd day & I was at my wits end-

Oh how desperately I needed a friend!

Just someone to help us cope with each other-

I’m truly spent – just being his Mother.

Then I snapped – indeed I did-

I repeated what he said just like a kid!

All day, yes, it exhausted me to the point of no return-

Me patience was ended I was completely burned!

So the next day I knocked on the health care door-

The health care that had been recommended 5 months before!

Why didn’t I listen & heed their advice?

I thought I could do it alone – rolling my dice!

No, I could not & that was just the start-

Start of a wonderful male caregiver with a big heart!

Next I looked into day stays at a faith based memory park-

Now 2 days a week Gary goes like a lark!

All is better for both of us – it is so clear-

Now that  I listened to my Lords voice so dear!