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There aren’t many days that I really feel fine-

I’m walking on thin ice, balancing his health & mine!

Waiting on him sometimes with no sleep-

Leads to my asthma when I can’t breathe deep-

I need to plan my day carefully you see-

Can’t do all I want to or there won’t be any me!

My doctor said make a to do list , then cut it in half-

Make light of the day, chill, you can even laugh!

As I need to do more for Gary – I need to slow down-

And do as much as I can but not with a frown!

I need to stop & smell the roses so dear-

Let some things go until tomorrow without any fear!

Yes, the world does go ’round with or without me-

So indeed I do need to take care if I want to continue to be!

Chill is the word – take it one day at a time-

Make the best of the day & the world is mine!