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There is a poem “Footprints In The Sand”-

It tells about what God has for you planned!

He carries you when you join Him in life-

Carrying you through often times of strife.

However I find myself FOLLOWING His prints-

Day by day, one step at a time,He gives me helpful hints!

These days there isn’t much that I can do alone-

I just follow His lead, yes, to Him I am known!

He knows the way I need to go each day-

All I have to do is daily to Him pray.

He sent the Jews manna as daily bread-

He sends us, daily, our portion of hope to spread!

Spread to one another His word of hope-

Day by day spreading His ways to cope!

Coping & helping with others needs-

Uplifting our own selves & following His deeds!

There is no doubt in my mind of His spirit of giving-

He teaches us the way we should be living.

FOLLOW His footprints in the sand-

Put your foot in His print & in His arms you will land!