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It is sad to see him slipping away-

He just sits in his chair all through the day.

When he gets up he doesn’t know where to go-

Hanging on to the furniture he moves very slow.

I call him to eat & he moves toward the table-

However he is very shaky & very unstable.

I shake the glass/cup so he sees where it is-

He does not know that it is his.

When he leaves the living room to go to bed-

He puts his hand on my shoulder & then he is led.

He shakes & twitches before he goes to sleep-

He no longer calls out my name- from bed, I no longer have to leap!

Our children are familiar but their names he does not recall-

As he walks, he is very hesistant – afraid he might fall.

His sight has failed, very little does he see-

Shadows & light & dark are seen only by he.

It is sad to watch him slipping day by day-

I am thankful to have him with me this long – thanks do I pray!