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It’s getting tougher & tougher to dress him at night-

To get him in his jammies is surely a fright!

His legs are heavy & dead weight to lift-

He does not help & we get in a tiff!

As fast as I button his top- he unbuttons it-

He won’t remove his undies & then I have a fit!

Who wears undies 24/7?

He continues to wear them, they are to him heaven!?

A baseball cap he wears night & day-

From this ritual he will not stray!

Even to bed his glasses case he takes-

Not letting go of it, what a fuss he makes!

His glasses he also wears night & day-

He can’t see, without them he doesn’t know his way.

OK, Now he is set for the night-

Only teeth to brush & that can be quite a sight!