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He kept saying to me – I don’t have a friend-

No one but me on whom he could depend.

For at least 3 years he hasn’t had a buddy to talk-

And he missed those with whom he use to walk.

Some faded away as his disease progressed-

Others found there home in heaven where they did rest.

He did not fit with new friends,  they were not his speed-

He said & did things differently & him they did not need.

Now at  memory care –  a few days he goes-

When I pick him up – he truly glows!

“I like these people they are really nice”- says he-

How ’bout we build a house close to the vicinity?!

He has someone to talk to who listens to his tales-

A kind listener who puts wind in his sails!

He will go for 5 days while I unload our ol’ condo – you see-

Our condo in Florida – used to be his favorite place to be-

Now he cannot remember the place he loved the best-

We are now near family & I can take a rest!

Our lives are changing – I pray he does OK-

I thank the Lord for His timing – it is Him we obey!