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It’s OK if I don’t go with friends to lunch-

I would rather be with you & just munch!

It’s OK if I don’t travel afar-

I would rather travel with you in our car!

I don’t, anymore, do yoga or zumba or swim-

I would rather walk with you & go on a whim!

Meditate to relax? I can relax with you-

Even watching TV – seem that’s what we do!

After 55 years it just seems natural for us two-

To be together in all that we do.

To do things without you does not seem fair-

Unless it’s shopping/errands – which you can’t bare!

Yes, the mundane I can do by myself-

Taking all that “stuff” off the store shelf!

But as for me to go & do my own thing?

Doing things without you would really sting.

No, I don’t think that would make me very happy-

That’s not for me – I need you to keep me snappy!