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No, we won’t be together if I don’t take care-

I must take care of me, if I do indeed dare!

After 3 days of no sleep, I faded away-

Faded away for a month, my asthma did stay!

I barely took care of my mate & myself I did ignore-

Until I came to my senses – I can’t do this any more!

So I hired a caregiver, but he had to leave-

My, oh my, how I did grieve!

But I pursued & investigated care by the day-

And arranged for my mate for 6 hours to stay!

What did I do while he was at play?

I went home & slept – it wan heaven where I lay!

Yes, after 5 weeks I have caught up at last-

My outlook is better & I’m catching up fast!

I must take the time to take care of me-

Or else you & I will not continue to be!