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The only way to get through each & every day-

Is to literally get down on your knees & pray!

The Lord is the only one who can strengthen your soul-

So that your caregiving will not take on you a toll!

And, yes, you will crumble & fall apart at the seam-

You need to ask for His help- the two of you will be a team!

Your world will get very small & there is nowhere to turn-

Only pray to the Lord & He will help you to learn!

It’s not about you that He is drawing you near-

He wants you to live & love without any fear!

Without any fear of the next day to come-

He will provide for you & your mates outcome!

He has His own plan to accomplish His deed-

With you & your mate, He will supply strength you need!

You just have to ask – not complain- just request-

He wants you to need Him so to you He can bequest-

Bequest all His promises He wants to fulfill in you-

Just pray & put His instructions on your list of “to do!”