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It is Christmas time & the city is all aglow-

Folks are a hustlin’ going to & fro with the flow!

But me, I’m hesitant to wish anyone a Merry or a Happy-

When my heart is really feeling quite sappy.

In putting up Christmas decor I’m very leery-

I’m not feeling very festive or cheery.

My mate & I live in different abodes now-

We are slowly learning the what & the how.

It’s different at the holidays to be separated from your spouse-

At this first time in 56 years – I feel like a louse.

Then I think of those who have entirely lost their mate-

I cannot imagine facing that final fate.

I must count the many blessings that the Lord has given me-

And think of those less fortunate who do not have a “we”

I must stop lamenting & spread the good news of our Lord-

And my selfish thoughts I must not hoard.

So I will go ahead & wish others a Happy & a Merry-

And pray that our Lord will continue to bless me & my Gary!