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Inch by inch he is disappearing from me-

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have sight to see.

The one who was so strong is now so vulnerable-

Vulnerable to the evil disease that’s left him so humble.

Now my marathon runner is losing his balance-

This disease takes its tole & leaves no counterbalance.

His words come slowly & he can’t voice his thought-

He’s frustrated & giving up these words for which he fought.

Slumped in his chair he looks all tuckered out-

Such a struggle has he had – full of much doubt.

His anger comes often, unexpected & fierce-

I don’t blame him, my heart he does pierce.

He is on a roller coaster of feelings & fear-

This up & down life deteriorates year after year.

I hold his hand, I don’t want to let go-

My fears won’t stop coming – I love him so.

He always did the fixing in our lives thru the years-

Now I can’t fix him in his time of fears.

Please, Lord, hold him in the palm of your hand-

I can no longer please him from this life which he is band.

I give him to You & Your plan for his life-

Please, Lord help him, protect him from all of this strife.