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A funny thing happened on my 1st visit to a new doctor-

I followed instructions & listened to the nurse proctor.

He complimented me & said “you look so young for your age”

But all of a sudden I thought I was on stage!

I was put in the exam room – but the staff kept peeking in-

Some said “how ya doin?” – others- “you sure know how to win!”

Then the doctor came in & asked – ” were you born in 1921?”

I laughed & said “no, are you just making fun?”

Someone typed in the wrong year of your birth-

Which has led to all this merry mirth!

The staff wanted to know all about you-

They wanted to find out your youthful clue!

Sooo, I thanked them – they had really made my day-

In 1941 was I born & that’s the way it will stay!!!!