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The chair he sits in is very special to him-

He rushes to sit in it – not ever on a whim!

It is virtually HIS exclusive, private comfy chair-

No one is ever to sit in it or to you he will glare!

As soon as he is dressed he heads for his seat-

And he does not move until lunch he will eat!

Then back in the chair he hurries to sit-

And there he stays until evening lamps are lit!

It is such a comfort to him – just right for his back-

Resting his head, there is nothing he does lack!

There are crumbs in the cushions from past treats-

A couple of peanuts, raisins & skittle sweets!

He talks to himself in murmurs & stumbles-

Only the chair knows what he mumbles!

But now 3 days a week the chair is empty- looks lonely-

The seat dent in the cushion is now quite homely!

He visits with his friends at the new helpful place-

A place where they are getting to know his face!

He seems quite content to leave his chair for a while-

But when he comes home he heads for his chair with a BIG SMILE!