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We go through difficult times to make us stronger-

But how can I go on & continue any longer?

I wake up exhausted & go to bed the same-

Sometimes I think I’m going insane.

His needs are growing & multiplying each day-

No, there is no time for me to play.

He is my life, my very existence with him-

Is growing faint as we both try to win.

Win this alzheimers battle with life ebbing away-

Trying to stay together no matter what others say.

Our lives continue to be a true maze-

I can’t imagine what he is thinking these days.

He talks about Uncle Bill, Cub Scouts & his Dad-

He talks for one to six hours – it is so sad-

Do I listen – no not very much anymore-

I go into the bedroom & close the door.

I don’t know how he goes on- endurance is his game-

I just wish that his strong spirit would keep him the same.

That is not to be, so I have found out-

Lord, give me strength to go on & not pout.