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He is declining, day by day-

No anger outburst since Mothers Day!

He has been twice a week at Silverado to stay-

He has given them a bad time-no matter what they do or say?

He will not say a work all the day long-

Other times he will murmur for 8 hours like a song!

He has trouble getting up from a chair-

He is unsteady & wants to know that I am there.

When he goes for a walk there is nothing he does lack-

However when he returns he leans to the left & back.

I feed him his pills one at a time-

He cannot hold them – what a crime.

He talks to the mirror & says “How are you?”

If that makes him happy – I’m happy too!

I often change his shirt during the night-

He sweats & wakes up looking a fright.

The kitchen & bathroom he cannot find-

Nor does he realize where he has just dined.

Sometimes he stutters & can’t get his words out-

He gets frustrated & remains silent or he will shout.

He gets up often – 1-5 times a night-

He needs help or the bathroom is a sight.

He likes his food cut up – his fork to enable.

A lot of his meal ends up on the table.

Changing his clothes leaves him feeling bleak-

Challenging just like his shower twice a week.

Yes, he is failing – that is how alzheimers works-

So I just accept him as he is – with many quirks.