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We’ve downsized 3 times & it is not easy-

Oftentimes it has made me ever so queasy!

We began with our dream house down by the lake-

It was the frosting on our life, like a special cake!

That house held so many memories of times gone by-

With our children, the boat & fishing we did try!

Then came the grandchildren, how exciting that was-

Experiencing life through them – much happiness they did cause!

The cold & shoveling snow kind of did us in-

Our steep, snowy driveway was a challenge we did not win!

So we sorted & gave away truck loads of our “stuff”-

It tore at my heartstrings – we were gone in a puff!

We headed south to Texas to be near family again-

Missing family & friends in Indy, now new friends we would win.

Seven years later my spouse wanted to call Miami home-

So we started to get rid of more “stuff” so we could roam!

However I got sick & could not go on-

Now looking after my mate, my energy was gone!

Together our 4 kids decided that close to family we should stay-

Our daughters found a condo close by & yes we did pray.

Pray that this was the right thing to do-

So we did another major downsizing, causing me to stew!

This time tears came flowing as I selected & decided-

So many memories were in my mind that they truly collided!

My spouse was no longer a part of this decision making-

His ability to make decisions – his disease was now overtaking.

We still went to the Key for 6 months- his favorite place for hiding-

However it wasn’t long before he did not know where he was residing.

Now it is time to get rid of another abode-

Our condo in Florida is soon to be sold.

Our daughter & I went through our “stuff” once again-

This time most of it we gave away – mostly on a whim!

Now we live in one place and we have one car-

It is less responsibility & I relish that  by far!

Memories flood back of past houses & cherished they will be-

I thank our Lord for leading us to a life that is now more free!