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These days he is up or down but definitely not in the middle-

He perplexes all the docs as they try to solve his riddle!

He does babble like a brook on & on & on-

Sometimes about his Uncle Bill or his Dad named Don!

Other times it is about his running – his marathon ventures-

Says he – I can out run all of you – he has no censures!

However, off he goes on a tangent, just as quick as a wink-

One has no time to switch gears – hardly a chance to blink!

The choice words come a flyin’, as fast as can be-

You can hardly believe your ears  – is he really being he?

I’ve tried being nasty, I’ve tried being kind-

My words bounce off of him like a ball off a pigs behind!

There is no telling what I’ll wake up to in the morn-

Either love & kindness or a lot of vicious scorn!

Only our Lord knows what is in Gary’s mind-

I pray He will help us for solutions to find.

Solutions to make it easier for him on planet earth-

Solutions to make him comfortable & more full of mirth!