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We are in a “Happy Place”, yes, indeed, it works-

We are both happy, even with all our quirks!

Three days a week my mate goes for the day-

To faith based memory care, from 11-4 he does stay.

He enjoys the day  & I go home & sleep if I dare-

I relax & pretend that I don’t even have a care!

And sometimes I  do errands, you know the ones-

To the grocery, CVS, cleaners & post office I do the runs!

We now have a gal that comes & stays for 3 nights-

She comes from 10pm to 8am & to us she delights!

She helps get on his pj’s & tucks him in-

She listens to his talk, guides his wandering & that’s a win!

I get an uninterrupted full nights sleep-

For that I am thankful to our Lord- He does us safely keep!