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As we go on this journey, I am doing more & more-

There is no way he is to settle this score.

I started doing small things, that bugged me a bit-

Leading to absolute dependency – I need a “to do” kit!

Caregiving was not a natural for me-

I am a self centered, only child that wanted to be free!

Free from obligations, responsibility & doing my share-

Just the thought of all that work was more than I could bare!

(So I thought)

Our Lord has strengthened & enriched my life more that I can tell-

And I do feel better about myself, even when I yell!

Patience & compassion has replaced my apathy demeanor-

Resilience is my middle name – I needn’t be meaner!

Yes, I resented every new task that came my way-

I often wondered – why do I stay?

But stay I have, no, I’m not giving up-

I just keep drinking from this demanding cup.

There is now a calm that spreads through any given day-

The only way through this journey is to daily pray.