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I’ve  heard it called “A Long Journey” & much to my surprise-

It has become a marathon- it needs to be revised!

It starts very slowly, no, no one noticed us on our way-

All in denial, no attention to us did anyone pay.

Denying his absentmindedness just part of the aging game-

His slowness of stride, but his excuses were lame.

We stumbled a bit & for this the blame I take-

Then his golf buddies suggested a check up he should make.

We rounded the first turn & a diagnosis was made-

Looking ahead- his memory would continue to fade.

It was evident that a clock he could not make-

And in the test – not a memory could he fake!

From then on it was very clear to see-

That life would change course – for Gary & me.

As we continued our run it has become very clear-

Sometimes life changes a lot for those we hold dear.

Each year there is a little less Gary & a little more me-

As time marches on his perception of life’s road is less free.

Our sprint has become more like steps that are small-

Yes, we have several times hit the “runners wall”

When we are discouraged & slowing down fast-

We hold onto our Lord, He sustains us with a blast!

He enables us to experience the “Runners high” in our souls-

In more ways than one He helps us reach our goals.

We started this race in 2004 –

Only our Lord Knows our final score!