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If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again –

A little poem from my youth is where it began!

When you try so very hard to do what is right-

And stumbling blocks keep giving you such a fright-

There is only one guide to carry you though-

Trust in our Lord – yes, he will be there for you!

Ask Him for help – yes – He will be your guide-

He will gladly oblige  you – He is on your side!

No, don’t give up, no, you must not give in-

He is always right over your shoulder, He is your kin!

Yes, you are one of His don’t ever question Him-

He sends angel wings to cover you, He considers you a gem!

Look to Him for advice in accomplishing your task-

All you need to do, in sincere prayer, is ask!

So try try again, be as persistent as can be-

After asking guidance from our Lord – great results you will see!