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Just when everything was going so smooth-

I’ve discovered that we are not in the groove.

I dropped him off at day care today-

However he was definitely not there to stay!

Apparently  he hollered, yelled and swore-

Not letting anyone near him -he was mighty sore.

They called me but I was nowhere near-

I had gone to a luncheon – the first in 5 years.

So they  called our daughter & her husband came to get him-

Day care was finished with my mate – he left them on a limb.

They had tried everything to calm him that was in the books-

But he just kept getting angry & gave them dirty looks.

So we’ve been referred to a doc that is suppose to be the best-

I hope she can help him so we can all get some rest.

Where will this lead us – only our Lord knows-

We continue to have faith that grows & grows.

This isn’t the end of our pursuit to cope-

We will continue to trust our Lord & not give up hope.