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Since 2011, you’ve not been left alone-

When I would start to leave, how you would moan.

Sooo I took you with me, on errands we did go-

The grocery store, cleaners, CVS, P.O. – I never said no.

However you became grouchy – you said this is no fun-

I said – this is what I do until all is done!

Then I hired someone to run with you-

While you ran in the park, the errands I would do-

Sometimes I would arrive home after you, being late-

How you did roar – “where is my mate?”

Next I arranged for you to go to day care-

Then I could do my errands with time to spare.

However, now we are back to square one-

your anger was so fierce, day care no longer wants you to come.

Again, you will come with me at a slow pace indeed-

I will just have to be patient, not going with much speed-

We will spread out our errands over a weeks time-

Each day going here & there while still in our prime!