It has taken us weeks to get to normal-

Whatever normal is – it sure isn’t formal!

Casual we are in work & deed-

It took a while to  fulfill his need.

My mate makes his home now away from me-

How strange that is after 56 years where togetherness was key!

We visit daily but it is not the same-

As a matter of fact it is pretty lame.

I am very thankful that he is taken good care of-

His caregivers show him a lot of gracious love.

But there is a special someone missing from our home & heart-

Yes, after so many years it is difficult to be apart.

It is too quiet with no one for me to take care-

Together for so long – it doesn’t seem fair.

But it became overwhelming to take care of his needs-

We  were both frustrated with my awkward deeds!

So we will adjust as best as we can-

Asking our Lord to supply us with a plan.

A plan that will  see us to the end if our days-

If we will just listen to Him & follow His ways.