Things were going well – so we thought-

However his temper flared & all was for nought.

He was excused from day stays in Memory Care-

And that was only the very first snare.

Then his meds were changed – that did not sit well-

He had an adverse reaction as time would tell.

We went to ER & that would decide his fate-

To a Behavioral Modification facility they sent my mate.

After 10 days he was released from there-

Home he went with 24/7 care.

24/7 care with a caregiver, 2 daughters and me-

We could not fulfill all the care he should receive.

From me he now resides in Memory Care-

With extra special caregivers who are quite rare.

Every day we see each other- but the days are not the same-

I kept him with me a long as I could – I am to blame.

Some days he knows me & other times not-

Our Lord has given us more time to share & for that we have fought.