My tears come easily, I could not believe he was gone-

However there was no way that I would want him to go on.

He suffered for so long he was a brave soul indeed-

There were just so many things in which he was in need.

He had truly not been my Mate for at least the last 6 years-

Once he lost his drivers license that just increased his fears.

My tears are in remembering the tough times that he had-

However, underneath it all he was our children’s good ol’ Dad.

I pray he is in heaven with our Lord above & free-

Free from all the pain & strife that kept him from being he.

As Captain of his very own yacht, he is now boating in oceans galore-

He is golfing with past buddies & obtaining a perfect score!

He is running as many marathons as he possibly can run-

And enjoying every one of them – now they are all for fun!

However, now I’m finding my tears are just as selfish as can be-

I’m not wanting to let him go – yes- my tears are for me.

I pray our Lord will make me brave but keep me humble too-

Allowing me to help another – now in all I say and do.