My mate is slowing down, yes, I’m afraid the end is near-

However, I’ve asked our Lord to help me live in faith, not fear.

If I could trade him places I would do it in a minute-

It’s  hard to watch him suffer because he has been in this struggle to win it.

I do not want to let go of this man with whom I’ve shared my life-

But that is not my choice to make, no, not even as his wife.

Our Lord has made His decision to take him home at last-

I could not wish him to suffer more – but I still don’t want him in my past.

Kisses & hugs I shall continue to give him as long as I can-

And I shall honor our Lords wishes & go along with His plan.

Please, Lord just keep me strong & make me brave-I’m having trouble there-

I feel that all these happenings are more than I can bare.

My tears are overflowing,  I don’t seem to be able to control this feeling-

Please  strengthen my  faith, have mercy on us-yes, we  both are reeling.

I thank you Lord for our 56 years of love & laughter & tears-

Please bless my mate & take him to spend with you many glorious years.