Putting Out Fires

Just when I think I have everything under cover–

I need to turn into one of those mates who does hover!

Are his meds right – did the doctor see him?

My mate  sleeps all the time – as if he had had gin!

He is always cold – do you cover him up?

Please make him comfy – if not happy – he yells like a pup!

Please take time to feed him – I know he is slow-

Don’t hurry his eating so that you can go.

Where is the hospital bed – its been a month in coming-

He needs this bed in order to keep him humming!

Then within a week of the new bed he has red spots-

Red spots on his body will blister & turn into pots.

Six weeks ago he was trying to walk in a walker-

Now he sleeps so much that he has become more of a talker.

A lift is now used for his body to raise-

No longer can caregivers move him – they do need our praise.

Other physical changes have hindered his state-

His eyes hardly see – and a high PSA is also his fate.

Please, Lord, dispell the demons that are haunting him-

He desperately needs your peace as his life is growing dim.

We see him daily – our daughter and me-

We put out fires as the needs be-

Lord , please give him calm & comfort without a doubt-

And please continue to lead us- as these fires we put out.